Are 3 EEG channels enough for effective brain training?

Modified on Thu, 29 Feb 2024 at 08:44 AM

Yes, 3 high-quality, well-placed electrodes (channels) are effective for the vast majority of brain training needs. Since high-quality electrodes and associated electronics are expensive, we understood there would be tradeoffs relative to traditional clinical-quality systems. We consulted with top experts in the field and considered very carefully what a minimal set of electrodes could be, that would be efficacious for human optimization training. The key is their placement on the skull. electrodes are along the midline to access and target the ‘rich club’ network of the brain. These encapsulate 12 large-scale networks of which is able to train the Salient Network, the Default Mode Network, and the Executive Network. 

For more detail on Brain Networks please see our Science page here.

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