What do my Assess session results mean?

Modified on Fri, 03 May 2024 at 11:53 AM

When analyzing your Sens.ai Assess session results, it's essential to consider various factors to accurately interpret the data. Here's a breakdown of what each metric represents:

Thinking Speed: This metric measures the speed and efficiency of your cognitive processing. It is comprised of perception (identifying new stimuli), classification (identifying and categorizing stimuli), and processing (making decisions based on stimuli).

Physical Reaction Time: Physical reaction time is broken down into reaction time (how quickly you physically press the button), and distracted reaction time (how quickly you press the button while being distracted with conflicting information)

Accuracy: Accuracy reflects your overall performance in correctly responding to stimuli presented during the session, including both focused and distracted states. Streak indicates the number of consecutive correct responses.

Self-Regulation: Self-regulation metrics assess your brain's ability to detect and correct errors. Error perception measures your brain's awareness of mistakes, while error awareness gauges the time it takes for you to become consciously aware of an error. Post-error correction measures how effectively you slow down your response time after making a mistake to improve subsequent performance.

Check out this video for further explanation:

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