Does work for people who are hard of hearing or deaf?

Modified on Fri, 23 Feb 2024 at 12:20 PM offers three modes: Boost, Train, and Assess. In Train mode, audio comes through the headset's headphones, precisely synchronized with the brainwave readings from the electrodes. Two of's training programs, Focus and Clarity, provide visual feedback. For these programs, one can train without audio feedback. However, most of our Train Programs operate within the Alpha brainwave range or below, requiring closed eyes and relying solely on audio feedback. Unfortunately, this means that most Train Programs are not suitable for individuals who are hard of hearing. Nevertheless, our other modes, Boost and Assess, can be effectively utilized without sound.

Regarding cochlear implants, if they are external, they shouldn't interfere with training unless they obstruct the contact of the heart rate sensor on the skin. Internal cochlear implants should pose no issue. It's important to note that even with over-the-ear headphones, which contain sensors, the headphones would still maintain contact with the ears.

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