What do the different colour lights on my device indicate?

Modified on Mon, 04 Mar 2024 at 05:02 PM

There are several light patterns that indicate the device status. 

When the device is charging there will be a Solid Green Light on the right ear cup. This will remain solid until the device has finished charging at which point there will be no light.

On the left ear cup they are:

  1. No light - the device is turned off.
  2. Solid Purple Light - the device is turning on or off.
  3. Flashing Purple Light - the app has found the headset and is configuring it for use.
  4. Solid Red LightLow battery.
  5. Fast Flashing Red Light Extremely low battery. Headset will shut itself off.
  6. Flashing Blue Light - Ready and waiting for Bluetooth connection.
  7. Solid Blue Light - the device is on and is Bluetooth-connected.
  8. Flashing Color Sequence -  If the headset is flashing a sequence of blue, green, and red lights, this indicates the headset has an error. 

In the event that there is a Flashing Colour Sequence, please contact support@sens.ai

For further reference please view our Device Lights video.

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