How do I complete an Assessment ?

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The assessment is one of the first things you do when you start using your headset. The GeniusPulse controller is used for Assess mode. The app will guide you through step-by-step. 

  1. Before You StartEnsure your Genius Pulse Controller charges for at least 1 hour or until the charging indicator light turns off. A solid red light or no light means the battery is low. Choose a quiet and distraction-free location for your assessment. An assessment is approximately 15 minutes long. You will need your headset and Genius Pulse Controller to begin.

  2. Beginning the Assessment:

    • Turn on your headset when prompted.
    • Turn on your Genius Pulse Controller. The indicator light will turn blue, and the screen will be blank.
    • Fully plug the controller cable into your headset. You should hear an audible click. Do not expect the Genius Pulse screen to display anything when first turned on.
  3. Setup Process:

    • The app will guide you through the remaining setup process.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts for putting on your headset.
    • Dampen the sensors with the water brush.
    • Part your hair.
    • Put on the headset, nestle it in place, and tighten.
  4. Assessment Process:

    • Follow the app instructions. A purple checkmark on the screen will indicate success.
    • A countdown will start, indicating when the assessment will begin, including a short warm-up.
    • Sit comfortably with your arms resting on a table. You should be able to stay still each time you press a button on the controller.
    • During the assessment, you will see a series of icons displayed on the screen.
    • Watch the MIDDLE icon. Each time it changes, press the button in the direction it points. If the middle button is not a pointing arrow, do not press any buttons.
    • The icons flash quickly. If you make a mistake, remain calm and proceed.
  5. Post-Assessment:

    • After the icons, you will get several questions to answer as the results load.
    • Your results for the assessment will be displayed when complete.

Watch this instructional video on How to use your GeniusPulse™ controller for Assessments.

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