Why are my results different from one day to the next?

Modified on Fri, 23 Feb at 3:28 PM

The results you see in your dashboard following a session will naturally vary from day to day. All of the these factors mentioned below will impact your results:

  • level of energy
  • stress 
  • mind state
  • mind chatter 
  • mood 
  • arousal 
  • quality and quantity of sleep the previous night
  • time of day 
  • blood sugar level 
  • the type and amount of food you ate

A good practice to get into is noticing how different influences impact your results and experience. For example a cup of coffee before a session might help you do well with Focus, but may impede your results with Calm. If you have a virus infection you will almost certainly notice an impact on your results. This is why its important to not get hung up on the post-session results. Treat them with curiosity, but keep 99% of your energy and focus on the training experience. 

The best way to track change overtime is to use the GeniusPulse assessment, this provides an objective measure of brain function and performance. If you are engaging in a Mission (and we recommend you do because this is the key to lasting positive changes) you should notice an upward trend in results as you progress.

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