I'm not able to get a signal check

Modified on Fri, 03 May 2024 at 11:21 AM

There can be a few factors that would impact the ability to get a signal check:

1) Environment

  • Ensure that you're not close to any devices that are charging or emit strong EMF (e.g. Laptop charging, wireless router etc)

2) Sensors may require tightening

  • Over time, sensors can loosen with consistent training
  • Tighten the sensors by turning counterclockwise and be sure to only turn the sensors by the metal base and not the fabric

3) Too much water is being used to dampen the sensors

  • The sensors should feel damp when you place the headset on, if the water is dripping out of the sensors when it is on it will impact the ability to get a signal
  • If the sensors are too damp, remove the sensors by turning clockwise and allowing the sensors to dry for 24 hours

4) Fit and Placement

  • The sensors should be felt along the 3 points on the scalp with even distribution and the headset should fit snug but not be uncomfortable.  If there is no even distribution felt along the scalp, it is possible that the headset maybe too big.  If this is the case please reach out to us support@sens.ai
  • The headset should not be placed too far forward or too far back.  A good guide is to make sure the middle sensor is in line with the ears
  • Be sure to give a good 3-5 nestles when putting the headset on as this helps with making proper and good contact with the scalp to get a signal check

Please reference this video for further guidance:

Pro tip - if making an adjustment of the headset while trying to get a signal check (i.e nestling) please wait 30 to 60 seconds for the adjustments to settle.

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