What do the App Status symbols mean?

Modified on Thu, 5 Oct, 2023 at 4:35 PM

Please refer to the below chart for an overview of what each icon represents.

Your device has a low battery level. Please charge.

Your device is charging. Please wait until your device has charged before using.

Your device is not connected.

Your are halfway through your cooldown period. You will be able to continue training shortly. 

You are in a cooldown period. Enjoy the vibe! You can continue training when this cooldown is over.

Your device is connected and ready to use.

Your Bluetooth is turned off. Please go to your settings and toggle Bluetooth on.

Your Bluetooth is scanning for your Sens.ai headset.

Device not found. Please be sure your headset is turned on and within range.

Bluetooth is connecting to your headset. Please wait.

Your audio is not connected. Please go to your Bluetooth settings and select SENSAI audio.

Sens.ai assests are downloading. Please keep your App open and your headset on. This will only take a moment.

Your firmware is updating. Please keep your App open and your headset on.

Your headset is configuring. Please keep your headset on and your App open until configuration is complete.

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