Tips for Training Resilium

Modified on Thu, 25 Apr 2024 at 11:57 AM is a gamified experience. We use the minerals Cognizium, Resilium, and Transcendium to represent target frequency bands from fastest to slowest. Each training Program will show which mineral(s) are being gathered.

For training Programs tagged with Resilium, any tension, striving, grasping, effort, thinking about or trying to make something happen will shut Resilium down. 

Some tips for training: The soft eyes, and soft tongue cue during session stops the overthinking process. When training for Resilium, (ex. Calm), we recommend priming with Calm Heart and keeping your attention based in your heart area throughout. Allow a sense of the musical notes and tones to expand and fill you. As you do this smile on the inside. Allow an inner smile to expand. Keep your eyes and tongue soft. Rest in your heart area throughout.

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